3 Places To Meet Men Where The Ratio Is Way In Your Favor

Inexpensive ways to meet upscale men where few females are found.

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It’s raining men, if you know where to go. Now, in all of the following three cases it’s up to you to figure out who the single men are, but with a little intelligence you should quickly be able to discern the “players” from the “available” ones. First, obviously, check ring fingers. Those with rings, reject, give them the back of your head. I’m sure you can figure out the rest. So, here’s where to go,

# 1: A Golf Driving Range

Every 12 minutes a foursome of men go out and play a round of golf. Each of those four men arrive early to hit a bucket of balls to warm up at the driving range and to loosen up. So every 12 minutes a new group of guys will come to where you are “struggling” to hit the ball. 

Guys love to help a damsel in distress and provide assistance. So borrow a golf club from your father or brother, put on a cute golf outfit on sale at a local golf shop or Marshalls, buy a $6 bucket of balls, and hang out for an hour or so. Do it once a week every week for six weeks. Same day, same time. I once was interested in someone and was pressured to leave for the tee-time by my buddies before I could make an approach. I went back every week for a month to see if that girl would show up again. She didn’t. 

I always notice a female, any female, when I’m at the driving range. It’s easy to strike up a conversation there with no loud music or other distracting females. Also, you’re not “stuck” with a guy you’re not interested in because he only has 15 minutes to warm up and get on the golf course for his scheduled tee-time. He’ll make his move, get your phone or email (or not), or maybe meet you the next day at the driving range for more pointers and maybe lunch. When he leaves four more guys will show up continuously after him every 12 minutes. So, take your pick! 

There are also many guys who show up at the driving range not to warm-up before a tee-time but just to practice their stroke. He will spend 20-40 minutes doing that. Most golf driving ranges have 10-20 “slots” to accommodate not only those warming up for tee-times but for those who just have an hour or so to hit some balls. More men for you. 

Odds are that most married guys will leave you alone. The single guys will definitely see you. Don’t wear anything on your ring finger! But even the married guys can be a resource for you. It’s perfectly alright, especially in a man’s world, to get right to the point. If a married guy (wearing a ring) is being overly helpful simply ask him, “do you have any single guy friends who could help me with my golf game?” He’ll get the point (to leave you alone) and he might actually have a guy friend who you might like to meet for 20 minutes at the driving range.

It costs a lot to play a round of golf so the men who have it as a hobby usually have the money (and time) to play it. Translation: these men are probably intelligent, successful, and wealthy. Even those guys who play municipal golf courses are probably more upscale than your average bear. 

A municipal golf driving range is OK to park yourself. But a better place would be a “semi-private” golf driving range. There are often clubs within a 30 minute driving distance from where you live that are more expensive and “private.” They also give the public “limited access” to their course in order to raise additional funds and because of this they usually give the public unlimited access to the driving range. These more expensive locations attract more married guys but also wealthier guys. And since the driving range is open to the public there will be plenty of single guys coming out who will notice you. 

Also, almost all driving ranges open to the public also have practice putting greens! So if you are nervous about not being able to hit the ball on the range, get a putter (Pro Shop staff will usually lend you one for free, especially to a pretty girl) and three practice balls, and just putt around! The fish will take the bait!

And now,

#2 Local Tennis Competitions

Tennis is also a hobby that attracts upscale, successful men, not to mention men who are in fabulous shape. You can’t play competitive tennis and be in poor shape. Most big cities all over the country have tournaments where competitors play each other and gain “rankings” on an annual basis. 

The tournaments are age denominated. So using South Florida as an example, they have a “circuit” of four tournaments once each month in the 55 and over, 60 and over, and every five years older up to 90 and over! You can easily get through the guard gate at exclusive clubs like the Polo Club, Broken Sound, etc., just by saying you are there to watch the tennis tournament. 

Admission is free. Wear casual clothing. There will be 60 guys there and only about 5 women. Just buy yourself a Coke or a coffee and sit and watch. Matches turn over about every 90 minutes. You’ll have guys coming off the courts and going on the courts for matches continuously. 

There are a lot of single competitors. The married guys will probably leave you alone. The single guys will pounce. Same thing as in golf though, within a short period of time they will have to leave you because their match is called to play, and the ones who just came off the court will spend only a short period of time finding out who you are because they’ll be sweaty and want to get into a shower. Again, it’s a quiet environment to have a reasonable conversation. Bring a girlfriend if you feel a little too obvious.

For younger women the age groups start at 25 and over and go, again, every five years. All this can be easily figured out by going to the United States Tennis Association (USTA) website https://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/Common/Default.aspx and searching for men’s tournament in your city. If you are a 28 year old women you can search M30s, M35s, M40s, etc. This signifies “Men’s 30 and over Singles.” etc. M45d means 45 and over doubles. Most tournaments have singles and doubles. Some tournaments have all ages. Some just go Men’s Open thru M50, others go M55 and up. 

If you spot a guy that’s particularly attractive to you who is playing on, say, court #5 (all courts are marked), go up to the tournament desk and ask who’s playing on that court. They will give you the two names. Ask what age group. Then go to the tournament draw that’s always posted somewhere and look in that age group and see where he’s listed. The draw sheet will tell you the city he lives in. That’s an easy way to strike up a conversation when he comes off the court. Or do the reverse: look at the draw sheet to see if any guys live in your town (or close to you), get his name and ask the tournament desk if he’s playing now and if not, when he plays next.

When you find a tournament to go to you should definitely go the first day or two because that’s when the greatest number of players are around. As the tournament advances there are fewer and fewer players competing. Remember, you’re not looking necessarily to meet a champion. You’re looking to meet a good, upscale man to spend the rest of your life with. 

And don’t be timid if you’ve never played tennis before. I guarantee you, no one will care. Just say you want the fresh air and sunshine and love to watch the ball go back and forth. 

One last thing, since it’s competitive tennis, loud voices can be a distraction to players. You don’t have to talk in a whisper but be conscious of how loud your voice is carrying. 

And finally,

#3 PGA Golf Tournaments

Tune into the weekly golf tournament on TV. When a player is about to hit a ball put the TV on pause. Look past the player and look at the crowd. You’ll see 8 men for every woman and almost all of those women will be with a man. Rarely do you see two or three women together but you do see men all over the place. 

Go alone, or go with a friend. Tickets are not expensive, but be prepared to walk so wear comfortable shoes. Food and drink are, of course, available. You’ll be getting attention all day long. The tournaments run Thursday through Sunday and all day long. Go every day if you like but the best day to go is Friday. The Thursday crowd is small. Friday the crowd is larger and the men who show up have the ability to take off work to watch. That says something about their social stature. Saturday and Sunday are good but the crowds are enormous. Unfortunately the men’s professional golf tour will only come to your city once a year, so don’t miss it!

Best just to plant yourself in one location for an hour and let the men stream past. Then move to another location each hour you are there. Some guys follow particular players, some don’t, and some just hang out in the beer tent. If you stay in one spot, eventually, they will all pass you by, and if they notice you they will go back to that spot to find you. 

If you really want to hit it big, hang out as close to where the players enter for hole number one, or where they exit at hole number 18. That’s where their “camp” of trainers, publicists, managers, etc., will be hanging out. Get a date with one of them and you’ll have an amazingly interesting time! Forget the players. They have more women than they can handle.

Golf and Tennis are where it’s at. Baseball, Football, Basketball, and other sports don’t attract the same clientele you would prefer and also it’s loud and the men are so into the games that they will hardly notice you or just leer at you.

So, it would be nice, for once, to be the “center” of male attention, where the odds are stacked way in your favor. You’ve done some pretty crazy things in your life to get men interested in you. Are these three things so crazy? They are inexpensive, bold, and brilliant. All are in outside, daytime, natural settings. What could be so bad? Go for it!

Now, if only someone would write an article telling me 3 places to meet women where the ratio is in my favor!!!