12 Democrat Commandments

The 12 Commandments of the Democrat Party

Democrat Party Commandments
12 Commandments of the Democrat Party
  1. Thou shall have only ONE God, Globalism. Religious practice is anathema.
  2. Thou shall worship IDOLS, but only in politicians, media, and entertainment.
  3. Thou shall lie, cheat, and steal, but only for the PURPOSE of furthering and/or supporting the one God.
  4. All those objecting to the one God shall be SMEARED unmercifully with allegations of crimes both exaggerated and imagined.
  5. Thou shall ENCOURAGE and CELEBRATE diversity in race, gender, class, culture, and lifestyle, but NEVER accept ANY diversity of thought or ideas.
  6. Thou shall REPLACE the Sabbath Day with drugs daily.
  7. Thou shall deny any living fetus ENTRANCE into the world for any reason or whim.
  8. Thou shall never carry a gun, EVER, neither in self defense nor war.
  9. Thou shall not commit adultery nor act lustfully UNLESS you are a politician, in the media, or in entertainment and only those in said professions shall be immediately forgiven without punishment.
  10. Thou shall allow all foreigners to ENTER your lands without any delays or investigations.
  11. Thou shall ABOLISH all prisons and allow all criminals to roam freely within your communities.
  12. Thou shall LOWER ALL STANTARDS and supply free things to black and brown people because they are incapable in so many ways, and by doing so they will be beholden into voting for Globalists.