BLM (Bastard Lives Matter)

Merriam-Webster definition of “bastard”:

1:  An illegitimate child, born of parents not married to each other.

2.  Something that is spurious, irregular, inferior.

3 .  An offensive or disagreeable person.

Judeo-Christian beliefs would say that even Bastard Lives Matter (BLM) because life, in all it’s human forms, is precious. 

1300 years ago when the term was first used, a bastard was not considered a good thing, generally, for the society at large. Both the mother and the child were shunned because, more often then not, bastards were trouble in one way or another (spurious, irregular, inferior, offensive, disagreeable).

Today it’s a different story. It’s only been in the last 50 years, since the days of the 60’s “free love” period and Democrat President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society,” that bastards have attained “legitimacy” and normalcy.  Now, not only are unwed mothers-to-be not shamed but also they are celebrated. Baby showers for bastards are the norm from inner city ghettos to fabulously rich enclaves. Formerly edited out of public discourse, the word “bastard” is no longer a “bad” word and can be heard within all forms of media.

Prior to this current relaxed era, when a woman got pregnant without being married she would go off to an “unwed mother’s home” as soon as the baby bump appeared in order to avoid the “shame.” She would give birth and have the baby adopted into a married couple’s family where the child would have the benefit of a stable, mother and father, environment.

Fathers are important!

So, now it’s reasonable to ask, is the progressive experiment of the last 50 years to normalize and even celebrate the coming of more bastards into the world an improvement over the great wisdom handed down over the previous 1300 years? Just look around and the answer is pretty obvious. 

What percentage of those in jail are bastards? What percentage of addicts, prostitutes, and those who never finished High School are bastards? Groups like the Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, I wonder what percentage of members of those groups are bastards? Think of the dregs of society: unemployed, violent, mentally unstable, and wonder what percentage are bastards? My guess is it’s unthinkably high in all cases. They are ungrateful and disruptive. Is this a good thing for our communities? 

Maybe we, as a society, should demand more. Bringing a bastard into the world might seem just fine to a lot of selfish people. But the innocent child is being deliberately brought into the world without a full deck of cards, with a much greater chance of failure rather than success. Isn’t this the ultimate child abuse, or perhaps pre-birth abuse? 

And those who say that a baby who is born with a legitimate married father who happens to die prior to the baby being born is exactly the same as a bastard, are wrong. One baby has the psychological confidence of a non-existent father who tragically died, and the bastard has the psychological certainty that their non-existent father never cared. 

Now it is possible that even bastards can grow up to be fully functional, tax paying,  members of society.  Democrat Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were both bastards. And we know how honorable both of those men were…not! But the chances of that are astronomically thin. 

We hear Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, and All Lives Matter. Well, Bastard Lives Matter (BLM) too. And rightly so. The real question is: how much BLM can a society comfortably accommodate?