Open Letter “Olive Branch” From President Trump To The Democrats

President Trump Offers an “Olive Branch To The Democrats

The time has come for us to get together and do what’s best for America. We have our differences and that’s natural and normal. But legislation most concerning to Americans is currently stalled. 

Resistance doesn’t move anything forward. I’ve done much on my own as President but there are many things that would favor America that can only be accomplished by Congress. You were elected to legislate and I’m ready to work with you for the benefit of Americans who voted for you.

I’m not a smooth talking lovable King. I’m an active, energetic, Chief Executive attempting to be as productive as possible. And so I’ve reached a point where I recognize that so much more could be accomplished if we could hash out legislation American people are seeking.

I accept that you don’t like me and want to be rid of me. Fine. Go ahead with whatever impeachment proceedings you wish to bring. Knock yourselves out. I really don’t care much about it. What I really do care about is getting things done for Americans. 

So now here’s the thing. I’m requesting and hoping for bipartisan participation in legislation to move the country forward. If you respond positively that would be fabulous for America. If not, OK, that lack of legislation is on you and next November we’ll all see if “Resistance” resonates with the voters or not. 

Just realize also, that if I’m reelected and Republicans win the House and the Senate, don’t be surprised if Republicans do to you then as you are doing to us now, leaving you absent from legislative input. And when America is happier, wealthier, and safer, it will be clearly obvious who the productive leaders are.

America is doing great right now but it could be doing even better. Democrats, please join us in winning. We could be doing so much more, today, with your help. There are many legislative items with bipartisan support that are ready and could be passed right away. Let’s do it and move on to greater things for our country.

Here’s hoping you do the right thing for America!

Thank You,

President Donald Trump

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