I’m just an old man.

You get your “wisdom” from pop culture and agenda driven news media. So, you know it all and don’t care what I think. Guess what? I don’t care what you think either.

You want socialism/communism? Go, knock yourself out. I know, I know, it’s never been tried like you can do it. Go for it. It’s your life and your world.

You hate this country? Fine. Be mad all the time. I don’t care. Ignore the fact that it’s only the finest place that’s ever existed on the face of this planet. Instead of enjoying it, change it. See if it comes out better. I don’t care because I’ll be dead by the time you realize your mistake.

The reason for this country’s greatness is it’s religious underpinnings. But you don’t get that. You think secularism is working everything out. It’s not. It’s destroying everything it touches. The secular world is a disgusting pit filled with all manner of terrible things. Is there anyplace outside the pit?

This blog seeks to turn knowledge into wisdom. I’m not seeing much wisdom these days. Wisdom is, basically, just common sense. I heard someone describe progressives the other day as believing that “wet streets cause rain,” a term originally coined by Michael Crichton in 2002. It takes common sense to know the falsity of that statement. And if you think about it, every notion progressives come up with sounds very similar. It’s so twisted that if you don’t accept it, as is, then there is something wrong with you.

Critical thinking, the act of investigating all sides then coming to a reasoned conclusion, is a lost art. It’s not taught in school so the fault lies with the teachers not the students. Students are taught what to think, not how to think. Too bad for you.

I’m thankful for this great country. It makes me happy to know that. I’ve made many mistakes that I regret that I can’t change, but maybe I can change the life of just one person with the posts on this blog. They are just the musings of an old man who has lived and loved and failed and succeeded.

Maybe someone somewhere will take advantage of whatever light is transmitted here and change themselves for the better.

Have fun. Be happy!

About the Old Man:

Born 2/12/1950, Amityville, NY.

Blair Academy Graduate 1968.

Columbia College suspended for anti-war political activity 1970.

Graduated Bard College 1973. Political Science Major, Education Minor.

Lived 22 years in Atlanta, 12 years in Marin County, and currently reside in South Florida.

Spent 30 years as a professional athlete, competing and coaching. Ran a turnaround operation for 12 years taking 3 losing sports facilities and transforming them into profitable ventures.

Single, no kids. Children and animals come right up to me. Adults not so much.