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An Open Letter “Olive Branch”

From President Trump To Democrats
Open Letter From President Trump To The Democrats

I accept that you don’t like me and want to be rid of me. Fine. Go ahead with whatever impeachment proceedings you wish to bring. Knock yourselves out. I really don’t care much about it. What I really do care about is getting things done for Americans.  read more

A Big “Thank You!” To All
Social Justice Warriors

Social Justice Warriors have added great things to my life. Keep at it!

Photo by Ross Findon on UnsplashIf it weren’t for Social Justice Warriors my life would be much worse off. Because of Social Justice Warriors I’ve been able to find and enjoy superior products.

For me it all started with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Their ice cream was really good and I didn’t mind their appeal to the hippie generation with the names of their products. But when they became vocal about their political affiliation I discovered read more

Open Letter to Taylor Swift

Democrats Never Think Things All The Way Through

To Taylor Swift: Better Off To Just Sing, Witch

Taylor Swift recently endorsed Democrat politicians in the state of Tennessee disappointing Conservative fans who have very few places to go to support music industry icons. Taylor says, “In the past, I’ve been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years, I feel very differently about that now.”

The “events” I believe she’s talking about is a brainwashing that makes it easy for her to state a position without thinking it through. Unlike Democrats, Republicans make statements and then give examples, like my statement above that Democrats don’t think things through. Here are some examples. read more

 3 Places To Meet Men Where The Ratio Is Way In Your Favor

Inexpensive ways to meet upscale men where few females are found.

It’s raining men, if you know where to go. Now, in all of the following three cases it’s up to you to figure out who the single men are, but with a little intelligence you should quickly be able to discern the “players” from the “available” ones. First, obviously, check ring fingers. Those with rings, reject, give them the back of your head. I’m sure you can figure out the rest. So, here’s where to go, read more

12 Democrat Commandments

12 Commandments of the Democrat Party

Democrat Party Commandments

1. Thou shall have only ONE God, Globalism. Religious practice is anathema.

2. Thou shall worship IDOLS, but only in politicians, media, and entertainment.

3. Thou shall lie, cheat, and steal, but only for the PURPOSE of furthering and/or supporting the one God.

4. All those objecting to the one God shall be SMEARED unmercifully with allegations of crimes both exaggerated and imagined. read more

No Nike Easy Iron-On Patch

Opposed to athletes kneeling for the National Anthem?

Nike has every right to make Colin Kaepernick the face of it’s 30th Anniversary ad campaign.

You have every right to iron on a “no” patch over the swoosh on your Nike sportswear.

Don’t throw it out or stop wearing it. Make a quiet statement of your own instead.

It takes just 2 minutes to iron-on this “no” patch over the NIKE swoosh to tell the world what you think of Colin Kaepernick and Nike.

Check out

How To Get Your Dream Job

Just 6 Words Added To Your Resume Will Do It

Resume TipsYou’re a millennial, young, smart, accomplished, and you’ve applied for your dream first job. Human Resources has whittled many applicants down to just three. The HR Manager and your future Manager are looking over the finalists. All three interviewed well: equal, equal, equal. All are perfect for the job in every way. It’s decision time, something that occurs every day across the country.

Noticing something at the bottom of your resume the HR Manager takes a yellow highlighter pen and runs it over six words. Under section “Other” it says: read more

The Best Age Criteria For Female Dating Success

Age: The Big Elephant In The Room

“Oh, he’s too old for me.”

So you think so? Maybe that makes your EGO feel good but it does YOU no good. One of the most important aspects of an online dating profile is the age criteria you set for yourself. Be very careful, ladies, because the age range you set up might just be your ticket to great success or dismal failure.

A friend set me up with a 52 year old woman. I’m 68. I know that’s too old for her and I sensed it immediately. We met. Had coffee. Nice time. That was it.

The next day I was playing tennis with a 54 year old opponent. I was kicking his butt all over the court. Then I thought this guy would be perfect for this girl. Very good looking, in excellent shape, in the music industry, and financially stable. So on the court changeover I asked him about his dating situation. He tells me he doesn’t date anyone over 40. read more

BLM (Bastard Lives Matter)

Merriam-Webster definition of “bastard”:

1:  An illegitimate child, born of parents not married to each other.

2.  Something that is spurious, irregular, inferior.

3 .  An offensive or disagreeable person.

Judeo-Christian beliefs would say that even Bastard Lives Matter (BLM) because life, in all it’s human forms, is precious. 

1300 years ago when the term was first used, a bastard was not considered a good thing, generally, for the society at large. Both the mother and the child were shunned because, more often then not, bastards were trouble in one way or another (spurious, irregular, inferior, offensive, disagreeable). read more

Easy And Fast Ways To Purchase Cryptocurrencies … NOT!

Review of Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex

Cryptocurrency Confusion

Are you kidding me? There are no easy ways to purchase cryptocurrencies, and especially not fast. Today you decided to buy. Well, fuggedaboutit! It ain’t gonna happen. Don’t believe the headline, “Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium in 5 minutes.” Now that’s fake news. Not even close to the reality. Consider yourself lucky if you get it done in a week to 10 days. While people are making millions and billions and trillions you’ll only sit there and stew.

The whole process seems to be much like a MENSA exam. If this then that, but only on Wednesdays in July, when it’s cloudy, after midnight. Only the very highly developed intellects actually make it through the maze into the cryptocurrency trading world. This might be purposeful as markets are easier to manipulate when there are fewer people in them. read more